Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories

Eight years ago, Karishma Mehta founded Humans of Bombay, inspired by the single idea – we all want to be heard. From the first shoot, where she traipsed Mumbai’s iconic Marine Drive, asking strangers to speak with her, she’s brought together a team of storytellers and a community of over 3.2 million people who believe in the power of humanity. 

This book, a collection of some of the best stories documented over the last 8 years, is Karishma’s love letter to the people of India. Every story in this collection is unique, inspirational, and relatable, and offers a glimpse into a country with 1.3 billion beating hearts… one tale at a time.

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Karishma Mehta started Humans of Bombay in 2014 on a whim. Her love affair with books and stories always made up a large part of her life. From reading voraciously to writing a book and now giving bite-sized anecdotes for everyone in the world to read, story-telling has driven her and ruled her world.

6 years and two million followers later, she is living her dream life of sharing stories from across the world whilst running a successful business.


Inspirational book by KARISHMA MEHTA

By far the best book for inspiration! The way it is compiled is beautiful and it is like meeting the person ourself! I'm happy for buying the book version of it..even though there is an fb page and an insta handle! Loving it! A must buy for all book lover


Great book - highly recommend it

I have always enjoyed Humans of Bombay on Instagram, and I am a big fan of Karishma and her TED talks. I bought this one as an intro to these stories for a friend who lives in the states and was curious about India.

Manthan Shah

Ordinary yet so inspiring

Love how these stories are so ordinary yet so inspiring....making people remind me but they are not alone and that there are so many unheard voices like them.

Gunjan Choudhary

There is hope and strength to smile

The fact that there is hope and strength to smile after everything that happened is what I love the most.

Manish Jaiswal

The stories make me smile, cry, feel immensely proud

A booster for the hard times in a hardbound version. The stories make me smile, cry, feel immensely proud and just have a myriad of emotions that linger on even after I close the book.

Achala Agarwal

These stories inspire people

These stories inspire people and give them the courage to face the problems life throws at them with a smile.

Achint Satsangi

Life is tough. Nobody has to teach us this truth.

Life is tough. Nobody has to teach us this truth. We just know. Through the example of our own lives. Where some teaching is required, is learning how to live this tough life. There are gurus who help us do that. I would argue that this book, Humans of Bombay, is one such guru. By reading the stories of the extraordinary lives of seemingly ordinary people, we can learn. We can get inspired. And we can live. My compliments to Karishma for putting this together. This is a must-read.

Amish- Diplomat and Author of the Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series

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